My Story: The Preface

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I’ve not posted much of my personal story on this blog. At the bottom, I have a section titled “About the Author” but it’s been empty since my website launched. My introverted personality probably has something to do with it. There is also a sensitivity about who will read this. But beyond my introverted-ness and sensitivity, there is an internal reluctance to self disclose.

But, that statement needs qualification. With people I know and trust, I am comfortable with self-disclosure. In fact, I was told by a member of a discussion group I attend that I was too self-disclosing and that he’d rather not know that much about me. So, I think I am reluctant to write about myself because I don’t know you (well, a vast majority of you, anyway) and, therefore, I cannot trust you. No offense intended! It’s not that I mistrust you because I don’t. I just don’t know you.

This was a big factor when I did my one-man show, The Melancholy Monologues, two years ago. But, now that I think about it, I was more anxious about the people in the audience that I knew. So, that doesn’t fit together with the trust scenario; almost everyone I knew in the audience were people I knew well and, for the most part, trusted.

Another idea that has some relevance here, I think, is — and while formulating the next few sentences I’m beginning to realize this is the reason — that my story is not just about me but is intimately tied to other people’s personal stories. It is those stories about which I am reluctant to write and from which I have not yet wanted to tackle extricating my story.

But, I think it is time that I do write my story. So, I will be struggling with what to share and what not to share with the resulting narrative having some unavoidable gaps and holes.

For now, however, I do believe I shall call this post The Preface and leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, for Chapter One. This way I get to publish something on the blog today and I get to procrastinate the arduous task of partial self-disclosure.

There’s a song lyric here: “what to leave in, what to leave out.” I’ll have to look up the song and artist while I’m procrastinating …

[Read the whole story, to date, here.]

3 responses to “My Story: The Preface

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  2. Ken, You goof-ball! — one of the
    “Auto-generated links to other content you may like:”
    has your article
    “The 4 Stages of Happiness and How to Get to Stage 4”
    with your unblurred picture, same background even! A cute FAIL!
    Do you have trouble with the practical & concrete, preferring to float in theories & ‘archetypes’ like the Jungians (while Jung was s—-ing his female patients)? [I did Jung & Jungians for decades.]

    • I don’t see how this is a “fail.” The picture is blurred to make a point, not to hide my gorgeous mug. I’m glad you “did” Jung for a while. I hope you’ve found something worthwhile to move on to — Jung certainly isn’t for everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

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