The Melancholy Monologues

Here is a one-man show I wrote and performed in the 2012 Kansas City Fringe Festival. It is a theatrical depiction of my struggle with depression, how it affects me and those around me, and my search for some kind of meaning to help me get through it.

5 responses to “The Melancholy Monologues

  1. Just wanted to say this really hit me deeply . thank you it’s nice to know i’m not alone friend.

  2. I was wondering if I could perform a cutting of this for Forensics (speech competitions)? This is an amazing monologue.

    • Sarah,

      So sorry this reply is so delayed. I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. I imagine it’s too late but if, by chance, it’s not, let me know and we can discuss it further.

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  4. Hi Ken,

    I like your play and commend you for the courage to choose life.

    Peace and gratitude,

    [David H.Rosen]

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